What is compassion?…

What is ( compassion )????

Compassion is 1 word made out of 2 words the word ( co ) meaning together and ( passion ) witch means to have a strong feeling for something. A way to explain compassion is, when you see someone is in distress or trouble and we feel the same way we do, you feel bad for them, that is compassion

Here is a compassion story that I can kind of relate to because my farm and the roads that I have to go on are flooding over, Scroll down for the story.

( Flooding (Indonesia)

March 01, 2011 – On January 20, 2011, heavy rains caused a dam to overflow into the cities of Pati and Juwana, on the north coast of central Java.

The water levels have subsided and the flooding is no longer a threat to the people.

Local churches have been working with the communities to clean houses after the flooding.

The families of 43 children from IO-950 were forced to evacuate their homes during the flood. For a short period of time, these families stayed in government shelters. All of the families have now returned to their homes.

The children of IO-822 were also affected, however, the family homes received minimal damage.

Praise the Lord that the flood waters are no longer threatening the people of Pati and Juwana. Also, give thanks to the Lord that all of the children from IO-950 and IO-822 have returned to their homes.

This is the final communication in regards to flooding in the area of central Java.

Sincerely, Jonathan, M

My blog. My feedback.

I have recently signed up for the student blogging challenge and im pretty exited for it. I like it so far because I know as I get more into it I will be getting to my blog more and I will be blogging more I like typing posts because I like to see peoples feedback and what they think about my blog.

I plan to make the posts the best I can I like to make them interesting and fun. I think im ok at typing posts because I use proper paragraphs punctuation and catchy tittles.

I think the challenge will be a good experience for me because I have never done anything like it before and I enjoy blogging. So thanks for reading my posts and keep commenting BYE!!!

Heres a link leading to the Student blogging challenge.


Sincerely. Jonathan. M

Year after year … Goal after goal

Hear are only some of my grade 7 goals. For at school are doing better in math soeacificly for marks my goal is to have a solid B for math on my last report card at the end of the school year.

My goals at home are getting homework done on time. When I have homework I tend not to get it done on time or I forget about So my goal for at home is having all my homework done on time and hand’d in. I think I would like to do these these things because I dont usally do them. I also think about Mr. Carson. saying to me about my homework ” it needs to be done. ”
so ya these are my goals. What are yours Thanks for listening don’t forget to comment!!

Sincerly. Jonathan. M

Needing feed back

Welcome to my blog fello blogers I need some feed back so I can make my blog up to sertan standerds if you are somedody that has stoped to take a look at my blog thank you! please take a look at my previos post or post’s and leave a comment for me help me make my blog better for me and you THANK YOU!!!

Sincerly . Jonathan .M

Education Earnining’s

Education earning’s is a very cool Idea that our teacher came up with to give our day some structure.
Education earning’s is imaginary money that we can buy thing’s with such as , cold water in the summer , computer passes, extra time in the gym , listening to your mp3 or I – pod in class, and much much more we keep our education earning’s in a small work booklet. Our education earning’s booklet is somewhat a bank book but for class. To keep track of the number of money we have in the book we make a 4 Colum chart that show’s , the date , the entry , amount of money that is being added or subtracted , and the total amount of money you have. We get paid $800 a week and we have to pay $1000 a month for our desk rent. Now this might sound really fun but it can also be challenging.

Sincerly. Jonathan Miller